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How to Optimize your Landing Page to Increase Conversions

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How to Optimize your Landing Page to Increase Conversions

A landing page is an important part of marketing campaigns, and are designed with the goal of generating sales and leads.  Your paid advertising like Adwords for example, would have a landing page created specifically for your campaign.  If you have abandonment issues, or are wasting time and money on ineffective PPC campaigns, read on and learn what you can do to help optimize your landing page for conversions.



Improve Your Forms

Your forms should be as short as possible, only asking information you need.  People don’t want to give out loads of personal information, so keep it short and sweet and users will be more likely to fill it out.


Make Sure Your Pages Feel Personalized and Relevant

Get to the point.  People have a short attention span so your page should have important information above the scroll line.  The sooner they learn what they came for, the sooner they can take action – contacting your business/buying your product.  Make sure that added content doesn’t distract the user from hitting that buy/contact button.  They should be able to skim the content quickly and it should be easy to take action.


Consider The Text on Your Buttons

Test out different text on your buttons to see what performs better.  “Buy Now” might be too much of a commitment for some, try something like “Continue” and see if that gets a better response.  It’s a more gentle way to bring people to your shopping cart.


Live Chat

Live chat works and in my opinion, it’s worth investing in.  If you can quickly answer someone’s question, they are more apt to continue with their purchase.  If they have to go away and do some research to find their answer, they may never return to your page.


Update Your Headings

The heading on your landing page has more of an impact on bounce rate that other elements.  The heading needs to be clear and concise, and reinforce that the user made the right decision to visit your website.  Test out different headings over time, and see how your user bounce rate compares.


Don’t use Pop-ups.  

This creates a bad user experience, and people don’t like them!  Google doesn’t like them either, but that is a whole other conversation.


So there you have it.  A few ideas to help guide you to a better landing page, that will help bring you conversions.