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Landing Page Optimization

landing page optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Here are few ideas on how to optimize your landing pages for more conversions.


First of all, what is a landing page?  A landing page is a standalone page, that is created to be used in a marketing campaign.  For example, you may want to create a landing page for your Adwords campaigns.  These pages are designed to have a single area of focus or call to action.  For example, your Call to Action could be to have people to fill out a form to get a free ebook.


How can you optimize your landing pages for more conversions?  Here is a short list of some ideas.

  • Make sure your landing pages follow best practices.
  • Have a strong headline that represents what your page is about.  You want to compel the visitor to stick around for a minute and see what you’re all about.
  • Have a secondary headline.  A lot of people forget about a secondary headline, which is a great place to expand on your main headline, and add more important information.
  • Clean, clear copy that get your point across and lets people know the value of what you are offering.
  • A minimal form.  Don’t scare people away by asking for way too much information.
  • Don’t ask for a phone number.  People don’t like to give their phone number out.  If you must ask for it, don’t make it a required field.
  • Testimonials.  Show people that others are happy with what you have to offer.


If you implement these things into your landing pages, you’ll likely see higher conversion rates.  More clicks, more leads, more sales!