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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in Kingston, Belleville, Durham, Peterborough

Social Media Marketing

Are you thinking about increasing your brand’s presence on social media and growing your reach?  Do you ever wonder if people are looking for you on Facebook to get a feel for your company?  When I am looking for a new service provider, I always go to the company’s website, and then Facebook page.  Now not everybody out there is like me, but a growing number of people are doing this type of research.  This is a crazy number, but did you know that almost a quarter of the world’s population uses Facebook?  Obviously, you won’t be selling to all of them, but I think it’s fair to say the majority of your potential customers are using channels like Facebook and Twitter.  So don’t you want to be there too?   Social Media Marketing can help increase website traffic, building conversions, raise brand awareness, and improve communication and interaction with your key audiences.


Okay, so how can you leverage social media marketing and benefit from all that traffic?


First, you’ll want to make a consistent schedule.  This doesn’t mean you need to post something at the same time every day.  But if you make a schedule for yourself, you won’t push off posting in favour of another task.  You don’t want your viewers to see you last posted something over a month ago.


Create Quality Content.  Your viewers don’t only want to hear about your company and your promotions.  You should promote a variety of content.  Some examples include articles from your industry, videos, current events or news, and I always like to post something with a little humour.  But this is all relevant to your audience and what types of things they want to see.  So the first thing you need to do, is figure that out.


Make sure you are engaging with your audience.  Social media is about interaction.  Be sure that you are checking your pages multiple times a day and respond to any comments in a timely manner and answer private messages as soon as possible.


Use high quality images.  Posts that have an appealing image get more clicks than ones that don’t.  And don’t use a blurry or crooked image.  Take the time to take proper, quality images.


Manage time effectively.   You’ve got a lot going on with your business, do you really have time to properly manage a social media channel?  Focus on your business and outsource your social media marketing.  This can be done by hiring a professional company like us.  ????  Or you can delegate the work to an employee at your company with experience in social media marketing.  Or maybe you would be more comfortable hiring a dedicated person to manage your channels.  Either way, social media marketing is an important part of your business, and properly managed channels will bring more clicks, calls, and conversions.


To summarize…


The long and short of it is, Social Media Marketing should be a part of your every day business if you are to stay ahead of your competition and connect with as many potential customers as possible.   As a business owner you want every opportunity to connect with potential customers.  Contact us to find out how we can help.


We are a full service web design company, offering Social Media Marketing and Management to clients all over Ontario.  We offer other services as well like SEO, Google Business Optimization, mobile-friendly web design, and web development.  We are located in Belleville and Cobourg Ontario, but we service all of Ontario (and the world!) including Peterborough, Grafton, Durham, Port Hope, and Kingston.

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