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Tips for Digital Marketing

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Tips for Digital Marketing

As we approach 2018, many of you may be thinking it’s time to up your digital marketing game.  We are a digital marketing company in the Durham, Kingston, Belleville, Peterborough regions, and everywhere in between…and we’d like to share with you 7 Digital Marketing tips to help you get started.


  1. Google Business Listing.  Make sure your Google Business listing is properly set up, optimized and verified.
  2. Set up Social Media.  By setting up social media channels for your business, you will be able to join the conversation in your industry, and connect with your potential customers.
  3. Content is King.  Content has always been, and will continue to be King.  Work on creating valuable, quality content that will engage your potential customers.
  4. Links, Links, Links.  You need high quality link backs to your site to look like your content (see above) is something people want to see.  If Google thinks you have a quality website, they will reward you by increasing your ranking.
  5. Image Optimization.  A lot of people forget about this one.  You should be optimizing the file size of your image, and taking advantage of things like alt tags.
  6. Brand Consistency.  Make sure your colours, logos, etc are consistent across your platforms.  Whether it be social media, your website, email marketing, everything you do online should match.
  7. Call us!  Let us help your brand build trust, reputation, and authority in your market.


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