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Website Design tips for dentists & dental offices

Website Design Tips for Dentists

Website Design tips for dentists & dental offices

Your website is an extension of your practice and a tool to show people why they should chose your office instead of your competitors down the street.  It’s also many people’s first impression of your practice – and you only get one chance to make a good first impression.  If a user is searching for a dentist and clicks on your website and don’t like what they see, they’re going to leave and chances are won’t become a new patient.  So what makes a good dental web design that will make people convert from visitors, to patients?  Here are a few tips for good website design for dental professionals.



People searching for a new dentist want to get to know you.  Yes they want to know where you’re located and all the services that you offer, but before people get into your chair, they want to get to know you a little.  It’s important on a dental professional’s website to have an About Us page with staff information and a dentist bio and picture.  It’s also beneficial to showcase your office in photos and pictures of the staff at work.  Only use high quality photos though.  They should be bright, in focus and look professional.


Make sure your website is responsive

A responsive, mobile friendly website is a must.  In the past you could get away without one, but times have changed.  With more and more searches being conducted on smart phones and tablets, it’s imperative that your website looks good on every platform.   Not to mention Googles shift to mobile first indexing.  Your patients need to be able to scroll through your site with ease, find the information they want, and contact you through your forms or click to call buttons.   Not being mobile friendly is not an option anymore.




More and more people are counting on reviews to help select service providers like dental professionals.   If your dental practice is highly reviewed, people will gravitate toward you.  Who doesn’t want to go to the best?  A reviews section can go a long way in convincing someone to convert and book that appointment.   It can also house a link to your google my business page where other happy patients can leave reviews.



Unique Content

I know it’s hard to come up with original content on your website, but it’s really important.  Google favours websites with original, valuable, high quality content.  A lot of websites just copy other sites content and it all ends up pretty much the same.  This is bad for two reasons.  First of all, Google isn’t going to rank you well if your site has duplicate content on it.  In fact, they will penalize you for it.   And you don’t want to get on Googles bad side.  Second, how can you stand out if you’ve just regurgitated content from some other dentists website.  Be unique, be creative, be you.  Or hire a professional copywriter to write your original content.  Either way, original and unique content will help your practice’s website stand out.


Call to Action

The best dental websites have a clear, prominent call to action.  After all, the goal here to turn website visitors into patients.  They shouldn’t have to search for a way to contact you.  Your info should be prominently displayed, and your phone number should be in a click to call format.



Short Contact Us forms

Don’t ask for all of someone’s personal information on your form.  People hesitate when they have to give out personal information, and they may never get back to contacting you.  Ask for the minimum amount of information you need.   Name, phone, email and a comments field should suffice in a lot of cases.



The Faster the Better

If your web site takes too long to load, people won’t wait for it.  It’s that simple.  Google will also rank you lower if your website is slow – because you are providing a poor user experience.  And google wants to serve up the most relevant, best websites of the bunch.


So there you have it.  My list of tips to make your dental practice website the best it can be, and convert users into patients.  With something as important as your online presence, I definitely recommend hiring a professional website development company to work with you to create the best online representative of your practice.