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Call Now! (613) 546-4154 Tourism Website Build and Full service Digital Marketing Project was a full service web design, web build, and digital marketing project.  Our professional team of experienced web designers built this company a responsive, mobile friendly website, that was properly optimized for SEO.   We designed the logo, and were also hired to do a lot of the photography for the website.


Our relationship with didn’t stop there.  After we launched their new tourism website, they asked us for a website SEO audit and competitive analysis, and we happily obliged.  Together we built a solid SEO plan and online marketing strategy.  We optimized their site for SEO and their organic Google ranking increased significantly.  We also set up and manage all their social media accounts.  For this tourism website, that consists of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest – with an emphasis on Facebook.




Review: 5 Stars

We have been very happy with everything the folks at Design Tactics have done for us.  They are quick to answer any questions we have or make any changes we need.  We highly recommend their services to anyone.  5 stars!”