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We are a digital  marketing web design company, also specializing in SEO Services.  SEO may seem foreign to a lot of people outside of our industry, so I thought I would put together a blog article explaining a little bit of what we do.  There are many different facets to SEO, and so many areas to optimize and analyze, but here are some of the areas and things we look at.


The first thing we want to do is perform an SEO Audit of your website.  This is really important because it allows us to analyze how search engine friendly your website is, by looking at 2 main components.  1. Ranking analysis.  2. Technical Review.  Once we finish this analysis, we are then able to make recommendations and move forward on resolving any issues that may be hurting your SEO.


Okay, so now that we are done the SEO Audit and know exactly where you stand, we will put together and SEO Strategy.  We will look at things like your URL, keywords, how competitive your market and keywords are, make sure your local listing is accurate and up to date (and exists!), and make sure your brand is consistent across as channels.


Technology is another big part of SEO.  A few of the things we look for here is that your page titles and tags are properly optimized.  We perform speed tests, look at your sitemap and indexing status, and does your site have a mobile-friendly version.  Read this article if you’re wondering if you should have a mobile-friendly version.   Spoiler alert…the answer is yes!  🙂


Now we look at your Content.  This includes regular content, video, do you have a blog, what do you social media accounts look like.  Social Media is a big part of how customer connect with businesses.  It’s so important these days days to have a professional social media presence in the channels relevant to your business.   It opens up a lot of opportunities.


We then look at Linking.  The more quality sites that link to your site, the better you look to Google.  And of course we look at internal linking as well.


And finally…Analytics.  We use the power of these tools to find problems, see where you’re doing well, and if we are providing your SEO Services, we provide you with monthly reports so you can see your dollars are working.  There’s no guessing here.  We are transparent about the work we do for you, and we back up that work with reports showing our successes.


To summarize…


The long and short of it is, SEO should be a part of your every day business if you are to stay ahead of your competition and connect with as many potential customers as possible.  Google is constantly changing their search algorithm, trends are coming and going, and if you’re not on top of it, your SEO and rankings will hurt because of it.   As a business owner you want every opportunity to connect with potential customers.  Contact us to find out how we can help.


We are a full service web design company, offering SEO to clients all over Ontario.  We offer other services as well like Google Business Optimization, mobile-friendly web design, Social Media Marketing, and web development.  We are located in Belleville and Cobourg Ontario, but we service all of Ontario (and the world!) including Peterborough, Grafton, Durham, Port Hope, and Kingston.

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