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Wordpress Developers

WordPress Developers

You may have heard about WordPress Web design and wondered why it is the choice of many professionals.  Here at Design Tactics we are WordPress Developers and Consultants, and I’ll tell you why we chose that platform.

WordPress is Low Maintenance, so you can focus on creating valuable content for your audience, which in turn will lead to lead generation, conversion and more sales.

WordPress is Easy to Use, so our clients can manage their own website, if they chose.  If they want us to update their website for them, the cost is low, because it doesn’t take much time on an easy to use platform.

Modular Design with Theme Use.  WordPress uses a theme, or a template-based front end, so changes to the creative of the site can be made in one place, and it will take affect across the entire site.  Again, this saves time and money.

Faster Launch and Lower Cost.  Because WordPress is easier to develop in than other platforms, website development time in WordPress is much lower.  You get your website up faster, and for less cost.  What could be better than that!

Security.  Security is the core to WordPress.  Automatic security updates and a dedicated security team make WordPress the trusted platform of some of the biggest brands around the world.

Mobile-Friendly.  WordPress themes make it easy to have a mobile-friendly version.  When selecting your WordPress theme, simply make sure it has a mobile verison, and the mobile version of your website will be automatically created as you build your site.  Easy.  SEO Friendly.

We have been developing WordPress websites for many years.  Please visit our Portfolio for a small sample of our work, and contact us to see our full portfolio.  And while you’re here, why not check out of our Services page to see if anything peaks your interest.  Thanks for reading!